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Pradžia: 2019-02-04

Kanalo aprašas

Writing a biographical piece about DYNORO is like being on a treasure hunt without a map. The mysterious DJ and producer from Lithuania moves through the realms of Spotify, and the charts like a phantom. You’d think that the world would know everything about this promising hit producer, however, apart from the fact that his real name is Edvinas Pechovskis, his home town is the Baltic state’s capital Vilnius, and he is a mere 19 years old, everything else is an enigma. Only hints can be drawn from DYNORO’s ZEF tattoo and his affinity to the heatedly debated cultural counter movement: He feels closely connected to ZEF, which originated in post-apartheid South Africa and has developed into a music and fashion style with a system of values summoning pride for one’s origins, anti-materialism, and radical authenticity. To get to know DYNORO better, there’s nothing else to do than to fully focus on his releases.
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